Maanantai 20.02.2012

Press 3×1


“Fat Helen”

3 rounds for time of:

  • 400 m Run
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings (32/24kg)
  • 12 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups


CrossFit Kid´s

Lasten tunnit alkavat hiihtoloma jälkeen

ma klo 17
ti klo 17 (teinit/edistyneet)
to klo 17
pe klo 17

Ryhmät ovat kooltaa 5-10 lasta.

Hinta 150€ (hiihtoloma-kesäkuu)


Lauantai 18.02.2012


CrossFit-kenkä INOV8 bare XF 210

Ennakkotilaukset: anu(at)

Rogue Fitness Europe saa maaliskuussa varastolleen crossfittereille suunniteltuja
INOV8 bare XF 210 tossuja. (väri: silver-blue) 

tossun tiedot:


Designed for fitness

Every element of the Bare-XF™ 210 has been designed specifically for a
fitness training session.

Designed for running

Designed intensive sprint sessions as well as endurance runs. The Bare-XF™
210 has been designed with the aim of providing athletes with increased
speed and efficiency for running sessions.

The Bare-XF™ 210 is extremely lightweight, minimal and flexible. It has
been designed around the shape of the foot, allowing the toes space to
spread into a natural position. The shoe promotes a natural running/POSE
running style, a style similar to barefoot running, which is encouraged by

Designed for weight lifting

The Bare XF 210 aims to offer as much stability as possible for athletes
lifting free weights.  It has no midsole or underfoot cushioning. There is
therefore no differential between the heel and forefoot. The athlete’s
foot remains as close to the ground as possible, creating a low, steady
base to lift from. The sole of the shoe is made of sticky rubber to
provide additional grip.

Designed for climbing ropes

The shoe also includes ropeguard™, a TPU plastic lacing support system,
which covers the inner and outer sections of the shoe. This provides
increased protection and friction for climbing ropes.

Perjantai 17.02.2012

Back squat 3 × 1

Good morning / Glute-ham raise 3 × 10


4 Front squats on the minute for 7 minutes.

Perform as many Hollow rocks as possible during the rest periods. No rack allowed. Use 2/3 of 1RM front squat.


Keskiviikko 15.02.2012

(Jerk behind the neck + Jerk) x5

(Power Clean+High hang clean) x 5


15-12-9 reps of:

  • Box jump (75/60cm)
  • Weighted lunge (same weight as in snatch push presses)
  • Snatch push press (use 2/3 of 1RM snatch, two second lockout at the top)

This is not for time. Try to do all the sets unbroken.


Hyvät CF Porin jäsenet. Katsokaapaa CF Espoon reipasta Open joukkuetta. Jäljessä ollaan. Hieman olen pettynyt :) Vielä on loppuviikko aikaa korjata asia.

Terv. Juha